Stay safe and keep strong!

Hi, wow another couple of crazy months, but not only for people in fire or flood areas, now we have the corona virus all over the world.

I know there is a lot of information about what to do and what is happening, so I am not going into that. I will instead talk about what is happening at Ironbark Creek, how our property is really trying to come back after the fire in late November. A lot of the trees have heaps of new shoots and even been flowering. We have seen some animals, Kangaroos, wallaby’s, brown snake, goanna’s, birds, saw an Echidna on our night camera, a small python, lizards, and a kind of marsupial type animal, no idea what it is. So we are lucky still a few animals around after the fire.

Echidna Bum

We have been lucky, had some rain so everything is growing so much, unfortunately even the weeds, not the smoking kind. I have also seen a lot of bugs, small lizards, butterflies in different colours, bees, dragonflies – did you know they can fly i any direction including sideways and backwards and they have almost 360 degree vision, plus they eat mozzies, no wonder I like them a lot.

Pure Honey Gift Jar

I uploaded a new product on our Etsy shop a 400gram jar with pure raw Honey, perfect as a gift to someone, as a thank you, congrats, house warming, thinking of you. Only $9.95 plus postage

Link to Ironbark Creek Etsy Shop

So please stay safe and keep in contact with your friends and family, even if you cant physically see each other. Perfect time for me to play board games, talk to people that I have not heard from for while, learn something new online, check out some workout on youtube – no harm to look, try a new recipe, saw we have some rhubarb in the veggie garden, Cheers Anna

Banana Plant
I have know idea?